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Shalom Tower
​Architect: Jonathan Leitersdorf
​Head office Architect: Ronen Givati​
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel | Category: Private home | Size:2,000SQM . Status: Completed 2013
Mr. Leitersdorf's most recently finished domain is a  triplex penthouse in Tel Aviv. It is in a once-all-commercial building that Mr. Leitersdorf's grandfather built in the 1960s. When the two floors, which housed Israel's national phone company, became vacant in 2000, Mr. Leitersdorf decided to convert them into a home, a process that included cutting out slabs between floors to create a 2,500-square-foot ballroom.
The effect is that of a posh personal hotel. 
Phothos by Assaf Pinchuk


Photho by Itay Sikolski


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